All our company's efforts are aimed at one goal: to help our customers achieve outstanding measurable results. DOOR Russia uses more than 30 years of experience in consulting, in working with the largest world companies and international partners, adapting it to the Russian business specifics and creating on this basis unique effective solutions.


Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle and work. The whole world has switched to remote work, and there is practically no industry left where this challenge would not have to be accepted.

The ability of teams and organizations to adapt to a rapidly changing disruptive world is the key factor in achieving the goals.

DOOR Russia offers specialized programs for developing the team and organizational agility to adapt to aggressively changing environment both in offline and online formats.

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"The Corporate University promotes Personal Accountability for Sberbank specialists and managers across the country. The program "Accountability Builder" consistently arouses the interest of the audience, collects high CSI and NPS indicators and positive feedback from participants. Participants note that they get the opportunity to look at familiar definitions and concepts with a new look and discover the necessary inner resources.”
Philipp Gavrilets
Project Director Sberbank Corporate University
"Accountability has changed our thinking… it’s changed everything we do!"
Stacie Barret
Director of Corporate Communications
"We highly appreciate our partnership with DOOR Russia, engage them to develop a common value platform with our major contractors, and continue our own development with their participation!"
Ruslan Kunduzbayev
HR Director JSC Donstroy Invest
"The work and the tools that Partners In Leadership provided have changed not only our culture but the people who make up our culture."
John Scott
Quality and Accountability Leader
"The method allows you to get away from abstract words about the importance of responsibility as such, giving specific tools to influence this difficult to correct competence."
Yuri Gusev
General Manager Kazzinc LLP
"This is just evidence of what can happen when you have good tools, a great coach, a committed team and a little bit of leadership."
Paul Kelly
"I highly recommend DOOR as a resource and partner that can help you guide a culture of accountability and results to new levels. It has been an extraordinary rewarding experience for me."
Steven D. Masterpolo
Head of Global Sales Force Effectiveness Merck KGaA
"We have been able to make this a truly global movement. Ford’s culture transformation has positioned us to deliver faster, better solutions in every marketplace and maximize our achievement in the automotive world!"
Rekha Wunnava
Director of Global Manufacturing IT at Ford
"We have already received referrals to other franchisee organizations within Burger King and anticipate many more!"
Mattson Newell
Director Partners In Leadership
"It has been an amazing journey that we are going to continue. We have had great results."
Rina Bansal
Chief Medical Officer
“It [the Partners In Leadership approach] has made an amazing difference on our accountability and the results that we achieved.”
Theresa Finn
Human Resources Director
“The program has become a tool for reloading habitual judgments like "It's all their fault" and "Little depends on me". As a result, our team became more united, all employees realized the unity of goals and the ability of everyone to influence achievement of thses goals, we learned to use the mechanism of positive and constructive feedback, began to think in terms of "What else can I do?" and "How to influence this?"
Irina Bakaeva
Acting Head of the Cost Analysis and Control Division of the Financial Department of VTB Bank
"With The Oz Principle we have taken the first step to achieve a higher degree of accountability in the company. The concepts and practices learned have allowed us to have a more effective level of conversation and execution towards achieving key results. In general, within the team, a very positive change has been observed with more constructive, self-critical and collaborative attitudes and actions."
Guillermo Perez
Executive Director AON Mexico
"Many of us talk about accountability but only few really take it into practice. The real challenge lies in being consistent in getting to install a culture of accountability permanently in people and later in an organization. It is right here where through The Oz Principle we have found powerful concepts and tools to facilitate its understanding and the process for its implementation. At Motul we still have a way to go but without a doubt, through the training received, today we are closer to achieving it because everyone in the organization is convinced that through accountability we will promote the continuous improvement of our team as an instrument to provide better service to our partners, clients and users".
Luis Miguel Saldaña
General Manager MOTUL Mexico
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DOOR Russia is a partner of DOOR International in Russia and the CIS countries, is one of the authorized partners of Partners In Leadership, Core Strengths, N.E.W.S. Coaching and Training and FreshBiz.